• Home Security Advice

    With these home security tips, you can optimise your home's safety. This includes protecting it with secure locks and window films to installing deadbolts and door alarms. To fight potential break-ins, you can also install an alarm system or install extra lighting around the property that is visible from the street. Read on to find out more! Secure locks and door alarms Regardless of why a home is broken into, you will always want to secure your windows and doors.
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  • Two Reasons to Have a Pre-Event Consultation After Booking the Services of Security Guards

    Below are some reasons why you should have a pre-event consultation with the security guards whose services you've booked. To clarify how you want them to navigate security-related situations at the event When you book the services of any security guard, they or the company they work for will give you a general description of their approach to security. However, it is still worth sitting down with the security guards you've hired to learn more about how they like to handle security-related situations.
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