Two Reasons to Have a Pre-Event Consultation After Booking the Services of Security Guards

Posted on: 29 January 2021

Below are some reasons why you should have a pre-event consultation with the security guards whose services you've booked.

To clarify how you want them to navigate security-related situations at the event

When you book the services of any security guard, they or the company they work for will give you a general description of their approach to security. However, it is still worth sitting down with the security guards you've hired to learn more about how they like to handle security-related situations. This will give you a chance to discuss hypothetical scenarios that are likely to happen at the type of event you're organising and then listen to how they would deal with these scenarios. After they've given their answers, you can then offer suggestions on how they could fine-tune their hypothetical actions so that they better suit your personal preferences.

For example, they might state that they would escort an aggressive, troublemaking guest out through the venue's back entrance to remove him or her without causing a scene. However, after hearing this, you might specify that you'd prefer the guest to be removed via the front entrance so that any other potential troublemakers in the crowd who are observing this security incident will see what happens to those who misbehave and might, therefore, think twice before causing more trouble at the event.

To show them images of the venue and discuss its layout

This consultation will give you a chance to show the security guards images of the venue and talk to them about its layout and its vulnerable spots. Making sure that they are very familiar with the venue before the day they're due to work at it will is particularly important if it's very large, with lots of corridors and rooms, as there may be a limited amount of time for you to show them around the property on the day.

If they don't get a chance to learn its layout and security weaknesses beforehand, there is a chance that, for example, when responding to a security incident in the venue, they might get lost on their way to the room or corridor in which the incident is occurring and things could escalate as a result of them being delayed. Conversely, if they know the venue's layout inside out, they could potentially take a shortcut to the incident location, get there extremely quickly and resolve the security incident long before it turns into anything serious.