Home Security Advice

Posted on: 29 July 2021

With these home security tips, you can optimise your home's safety. This includes protecting it with secure locks and window films to installing deadbolts and door alarms. To fight potential break-ins, you can also install an alarm system or install extra lighting around the property that is visible from the street. Read on to find out more!

Secure locks and door alarms

Regardless of why a home is broken into, you will always want to secure your windows and doors. It is critical to have good-quality locks for entry doors as this will deter criminals. They are looking for the path of least resistance. If robust locks are in place, they might move onto the next house. It is a good idea to have a deadbolt lock installed on the main entrance doors. Deadbolts offer an increased level of protection compared to standard locks. In order to thwart thieves, it is important that you ensure that this lock is secure and difficult to access. This could prevent criminals from breaking into your home. Additionally, you should have a sound-activated alarm fitted on the door that you do not use regularly. This will give you an audible alert should the front door be forced open.

Window films

Applying window films can make it harder for intruders to gain entry through a window. If an intruder breaks the glass in a window, the film will help to hold it together. Because the glass does not instantly shatter, an intruder will have to use more time and energy attempting to enter your property. This fact may cause them to abandon their attempt.

Motion detection alarm

An alarm that you can set off on motion is a good idea. This could stop thieves from getting into your property by keeping them out. You should consider installing alarm sensors in a number of areas in your home such as the gate, garage or driveway. The alarm could be triggered by anyone entering these areas. The system can be linked with a well-known emergency call centre to help you in times of need.

Perimeter lighting

Establishing a good perimeter lighting system is important. This will help to illuminate your property and makes it much more visible to passers-by in the dark. The idea that they may be spotted and reported to the police can act as a strong deterrent to intruders.

If you would like additional advice or info, you should reach out to a local company that offers home security services and products. A member of the team will be happy to help.