Top Tips for Buying a Nanny Camera for your Home

Posted on: 21 September 2020

You will often come across sentiments about parents being overprotective of their children. Well, if you consider that a child is abused every 15 minutes in Australia, then it is easy to understand why parents are overprotective of their kids. It is no wonder parents prefer to install nanny cameras in their homes. The security cameras give parents peace of mind when they leave their children with a babysitter. That said, it is crucial to buy a quality nanny camera. Read on for more information in this regard.


When talking about child abuse, most parents have the misconception that it only involves physical abuse. However, nothing could be further from the truth because verbal abuse is just as damaging to children as physical abuse. Therefore, if you buy and install standard security cameras without audio capabilities, your child/children will still be at risk of abuse. In fact, some nannies know that some security cameras do not have audio capabilities; therefore, they do not mind abusing your children verbally. Therefore, when buying nanny cameras, ensure that the gadgets have audio sensors to give you a clear picture (and audio) of whatever is happening in your home.

Motion Detection

The latest models of nanny cameras allow parents to connect their mobile devices for convenient monitoring. However, you will not be spending hours on end looking at your tablet or smartphone monitoring whatever your nanny is doing. How then will you know what is happening back at home if you are not on your screen at all times? Motion detection can help in this regard because the capability sends notifications to your phone every time a nanny/babysitter walks into a room. Motion detection-enabled nanny cameras are particularly crucial in your children's room.

Wireless Connectivity

Nanny cameras that record and store footage in a memory card for later viewing are great, especially if you can use the footage as evidence. However, where is the sense in installing security cameras in your home if you cannot monitor a nanny in real-time? Even if a camera records real events, it might be too late by the time you get home. For this reason, it is best to buy and install Wi-Fi enabled nanny cameras since they allow you to monitor and watch live video feeds. Consequently, you can take appropriate actions immediately you see something off happening in your home.

Contact a supplier of security cameras to learn what other features you should look for.