Why Guard Your Business With Security Patrols?

Posted on: 23 March 2020

Like any security measure you could take to safeguard your business premises, deploying security patrols will have a big deterring effect. In this regard, patrols from security guards are no different from installing burglar alarms, CCTV cameras or using security lighting. However, certain advantages derive from patrolling that you cannot really achieve with any other measures. Why should you consider security patrols for your business?

Fast Responses

The first thing to note about security patrols is that they do not function on their own. When an alarm is sounded or something unusual is noticed by a member of staff, your security guards can be on the scene within minutes. This means that they will have much more than a simple deterrent effect – they can apprehend criminals in the act, too. Of course, catching people who are trying to break into your premises is one thing, but patrol guards will also be able to deal with low-level or nuisance behaviour, such as vandalism. For many businesses, ensuring that nuisances are dealt with can be much more of a day-to-day issue than dealing with the potential for crime.

Little Fatigue

If you consider the way a team of security professionals operates when patrolling compared to static guards, then the differences are clear. Static guards tend to be on their own with little to do until their shift ends. On the other hand, patrolling guards work as part of a team even if they are only in radio contact. Their movements and coordination with one another help to ensure they remain alert and vigilant. Fatigue is a big issue for static guards, especially when they are looking after business premises overnight.


There is an economy of scale that business owners can benefit from with today's security patrols. Many security firms which patrol properties will look after several different locations in the same neighbourhood. This means you will effectively share the costs of employing security personnel with other business owners. Given the modern communications systems that security firms can use to get their patrols to where they are needed, this economy of scale does not mean compromising on the level of service you will see. Indeed, state-of-the-art monitoring systems mean that you can always keep tabs on where your security patrols happen to be. Again, such technology helps to ensure that your business is getting the value for money it deserves for the outlay.