Does CCTV Really Benefit Homeowners?

Posted on: 13 March 2020

A domestic CCTV security system installation will help to ensure that your property is safeguarded in all sorts of ways. Some people think that the addition of CCTV around the home will only attract attention. However, a modern CCTV security system can be fitted for you quite discreetly without people even realising they are under surveillance. If you would like to beef up the security of your home and are considering the different methods available today, then learn about the main advantages of opting for a CCTV security system.

  • Lower Insurance Premiums

One of the big benefits of a newly installed CCTV system is that it will reduce the amount you would otherwise need to pay for insuring your home adequately. All forms of domestic security installations can help in this regard. However, because CCTV is such an established technology, it is one of the most widely recognised security features of a home that insurers will lower their premiums for. In other words, a CCTV security system can eventually pay for itself.

  • Remote Monitoring

Old-fashioned CCTV installations would include a few cameras and a video recorder to store the images they captured. This meant you had to be in a control room to view what was going on or to review the low-resolution tape evidence at a later date. However, with the advent of digital technology CCTV has progressed. Nowadays, you can watch live footage from your home's CCTV cameras on your smart device. So long as you have the correct login details, you will be able to watch, rewind, and review your surveillance system anywhere you like. This also means being able to give security firms access to your system so they can keep an eye on things for you, which is great when you're on holiday, for example.

  • Greater Deterrence

Although many of today's CCTV security systems have much smaller cameras than the older-style ones, professional criminals will still notice them. This is good because it will deter career burglars while not attracting the unwanted attention of opportunistic thieves. With the superior digital images surveillance systems are capable of nowadays, professional criminals know that breaking in is more likely to lead to their successful identification and subsequent prosecution by the police. As soon as they notice your home is fully protected by a modern CCTV installation, they are more likely to move on and target another property without such security measures in place.